Rare-Earth Elements (REE)

The rare-earth elements (REE), also called the rare-earth metals or rare-earths or, in context, rare-earth oxides, and sometimes the lanthanides (although yttrium and scandium, which do not belong to this series, are usually included as rare-earths),[1] are a set of 17 nearly indistinguishable lustrous silvery-white soft heavy metals. Compounds containing rare-earths have diverse applications in electrical and electronic components, lasers, glass, magnetic materials, and industrial processes.

Located in the Province of Matabeleland North, close to the border with Zambia, the Katete Project comprises 4 Mineral Claim Blocks and is primarily prospective for Rare Earth Elements (REE). Premier has the right to explore and mine within the claims block. The British Atomic Energy Commission identified carbonatite at the project site in the 1950s. Subsequently, Anglo-American conducted exploration in the 1960s. Historic exploration has identified prospective rare earth mineralisation. Target mineralisation includes Dysprosium, Cerium, Thorium, Lanthanum, Samarium and Yttrium. Results from a trenching programme conducted by Premier in 2011 indicate that the highest total rare earth oxide (TREO) value was 14.6% (13.2% cerium and 0.6% lanthanum), with an average of 1.74% TREO. Premier completed a drilling programme of seven drill holes for a total of 1,187 metres. Initial assay results of four drill holes indicated that TREO distribution is consistent with depth and several samples displayed TREO contents > 3 per cent. over varying widths from 1 metre to 4 metres. Premier believes that the current price for REEs and the continued demand for REE oxides make Katete a particularly promising prospect.

Rare Earth Uses

"Rare-earth elements (REEs) are used as components in high technology devices, including smart phones, digital cameras, computer hard disks, fluorescent and light-emitting-diode (LED) lights, flat screen televisions, computer monitors, and electronic displays.

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